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Can someone sue me after a car accident if I have no money?


Yes you can be sued. The good news is that your insurance company will cover all the costs of the law suit and the claim up to your liability limits.

You should have notified your insurance company when you were involved in a car accident. As soon as you receive notice of a claim being made against you or as soon as you are served with a statement of claim notify your insurance company.

You will jeopardize your coverage if you don’t notify the insurance company of the motor vehicle accident or of the claim. You can also jeopardize your coverage if you don’t cooperate with your insurance company once a claim is made against you.

Your insurance company will hire an experienced insurance personal injury lawyer. That lawyer will vigorously defend the claim. Your insurance company will pay the legal costs, court costs and legal disbursements associated with the claim. Your insurer will also pay the amount of the judgement or settlement of the claim up to the limits of your insurance coverage.

If there is a potential for the claim to be over the limits of your car insurance coverage, your insurance company will notify you. You are responsible for any settlement or judgement that is over the amount of your insurance policy limits.

If think you have no insurance coverage or if you have been notified that the claim may be over the insurance limits contact a personal injury insurance lawyer immediately. Even if you have no money the judgement can be registered against you. That could result in the suspension of your drivers licence and collection proceedings (like garnishment) to be commenced against you.


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  • Avatar On 01.28.10 James wrote:

    I know all too well what it means to be sued. I had no insurance and got into an accident. The other party was injured and I was sued. I was never notified that i would be taken to court and was subsequently sued for $275,000.00 This now will haunt me for the rest of my life. I pay every week 20% of my pay and that only covers the intrest. We live in Canada when is it enough money. I regret ever driving without insurance but i now am being evicted from my home for not being able to keep up the payments. This enconomy isn’t helping. I figure i will be homeless at 40 yrs old and ….

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